Welcome to Mediapathic

This is the primary axis mundi electronic for Steen Comer. I'm a writer, a roustabout, a rake, peripheralist, nexialist, and incapable of seriously writing any autobiographical statement.

If I'm lucky, you're here for my writing, or if you're thinking of hiring me, you can skip right to the CV.

Being a modern individual, I am highly distributed. Here are some places you may see my traces:

High usage:

my patreon :: The relationships between art and commerce in the 21st century are weird! Let's make them weirder together!
my mailing list :: All the cool kids are doing it now. Almost all longer-form content is going here at the moment.
mediapathic on twitter :: "wit," =< 140ch
mediapathic at gmail :: SMTP or GTFO

Specialized usage:

mediapathic on tumblr :: "wit" >= 140ch. Also curation, mostly of other things on tumblr. Leveraging the ol' network. Mostly archival at this point.
my vimeo :: I am also a Lighting Designer and VJ, sometimes I put evidence here.
my musical project :: Averaging 1 track per 2.5 years. Deep time release schedule.
my pgp public key :: Perfect is the enemy of good, but functional is the enemy of useable.