This is the primary axis mundi electronic for Steen Comer. I'm a writer, a roustabout, a rake, peripheralist, nexialist, and incapable of seriously writing any autobiographical statement.

If I'm lucky, you're here for my writing. Here you go:

"Social" media

Well, the network was always social. About which I have rants elsewhere. If you actually want to contact me, email is usually effective. But if you want to look in some silos, you can find me:


My infrequent forays into social media are mostly found here these days.

A Public Notebook

This, as of press time, is where the action is. I'm experimenting with the use of a networked approach to publication using Obsidian Publish.

I blogged here for a while. Then I realized that I don't understand "blog" as a verb.

I really like as a concept. I used it to tell a story, then I finished that story. I may come back for a sequel later. Please note the date it started.

My Tumblr

I haven't touched this in ages, but there's some fun stuff in the archives.


Nuggets of wisdom and delight, ~~<140~~ <280 characters. I have largely stopped using this since a megalomaniacal comic book villain who didn't know the difference between having some good ideas and being able to run a company set it on fire, so, circa early 2023. I occasionally still make announcements there, but mostly I just watch it burn.